Russian enterprises that plan to export to the European Union are obliged to provide a series of documents accompanying the sale of goods. Among these documents there are some that should be presented to the customs. For instance, a certificate of origin. 

The Russian Federation has developed several forms of certificate: CT-1 and the general form. These forms have the same purpose – to certify that the products are produced in Russia from the Russian or imported raw materials. In addition, certificates can confirm that the products are recycled in the country that signed an agreement on free trade zone, including Russia. A certificate form is selected depending on the destination – the country which you plan to export to. 

Certificate of origin CT -1 is made for the CIS countries. This are Republic of Belarus, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova and Tajikistan. 

The general form is issued for export to the countries the certificate CT-1 does not apply to. 

In addition, another certificate – certificate of origin might be required for steel products, furs, textiles that are exported to the European Union. 

Certificates may be issued be Chambers of Commerce of the Russian Federation. Certification centre “Rostest Latvia” can be your reliable mediator. We will issue a certificate for you and your direct participation is optional. 

Please refer to the certification centre “Rostest Latvia” if you have any questions regarding the registration of export. We will be happy to advise you and to help with getting a certificate of origin and all other necessary documents that you may need.