Riga was declared as the European Capital of Culture, so in expectation of increasing the number of tourists new rules are entered into force for guides. Now they are required to be certified. The deputies of the Duma Committee of Riga already approve proposals. 

For now, only people who are professionally trained and are constantly improving may be guides. 

Last year, any person could provide guide service, regardless of erudition, professional qualifications or educational attainment. To remedy this situation has been developed new rules. To provide guide services without a certificate is now impossible. Implementation of the certification will be by a special commission RTAB. Its members will include representatives of tour operators, Tourism Development Bureau, the city governments, industry associations. 

It is known that it is now necessary to the guides to confirm the availability of education or to take courses. For experienced guides who are working in Riga not to disadvantaged them in their rights, their certification will be simpler, that is to provide more opportunities to confirm their qualifications. 

It is planned that the certificate will be issued to a guide for 3 years, after that the certification will be repeated. The procedure will be paid, presumably, certification costs will be 70 and 50 euro (initial and retest, respectively). 

For foreign guides, working in Riga, were allowed to present certificates that they received in their country.