Not all types of the products in preparation for the export procedure should be a subject to a mandatory certification. To find out if your product is a subject to verification of compliance it is sufficient to consult with experts of certification centre “Rostest Latvia”.

Voluntary certification is carried out instead of mandatory, and after the conference has issued a document that operates on the same basis as the mandatory certificate.

The certification carried out on a voluntary basis might be at the request of the customer or at the request of the manufacturer, supplier of the product.

Wherefore a voluntary verification of compliance is need

Despite the fact that certification requires a certain time and monetary investments, the most manufacturers still voluntarily initiate its implementation. Experience shows that this kind of certificate has a positive effect on sales. This is due to the fact that consumers are interested in quality products that they can trust. It is difficult to talk about trust without a document proving the safety of products, according to its national regulatory requirements.

You can also say with certainty that the regulatory authorities are more loyal to businesses that once presented accredited laboratories samples of their products for research and received certificates of compliance.

Order of voluntary certification

Verification of compliance is regulated by the legislation documents of the country you plan to export to. To export goods to Russia and the Customs Union you require the GOST state standards and technical regulations.

Certification ordering process consists of the following steps:

• to apply for evidence of conformity of products to the certification centre;

• organization of sample tests;

• examination of the documents submitted, the decision on issuance of a voluntary certification;

• legalization, registration and issuance of a certificate.

Certificate that is issued after verification of compliance voluntary differs from a mandatory certificate in appearance. There are no significant differences in shape: the document is listed with names of proven products, the names of the applicant company, the manufacturer or supplier and the name of the certification centre that conducted the examination. Also in the certificate is given a name of GOST or technical regulation, on the basis of which the verification of compliance.

Issuance of voluntary certificate entitles the manufacturer to label products with the compliance mark informing consumers about its security.

If you require a mandatory and a voluntary certification urgently please contact specialists of the certification centre “Rostest Latvia.” They are accredited in accordance with established procedure and have the right to carry out certification work, execute and record certificates of conformity.

Please do not hesitate to apply for certification via e-mail or by filling in the order form on our website to save time.