Last week substantial amendments were made to government resolution No 982 that approves lists of goods subject to GOST R certification. These are connected with introduction of 2 Customs Union technical regulations – On safety of small vessels and On safety of equipment working under exceeding pressure.

According to the amendments to the GR No 982, the following is excluded from the lists of regulated items:

  • boilers
  • boats, motor boats, pleasure, sport, tourist and other watercraft
  • boats, rafts, dinghies, lifeboats, small watercraft used in rescue operations.

Compliance documents for the above product type are issued under technical regulations and amendments made into GR No 982 have confirmed the procedure. GOST R certificates that were earlier obtained for boilers and small watercraft by enterprises will be effective till July 31, 2015 and August 01, 2015 respectively (in case their validity exceeds the indicated dates).

Change of marking for GOST R boilers and watercraft that underwent certification under the RF state standards to the Eurasian Union compliance mark (EAC) is not required.