August 28, 2014, on 22nd EEC session a plan for the CU technical regulations development for the end of 2014 and the next 2015 years was approved.

This year it is planned to submit 8 new technical regulations to EEC:

  1. On rules of hazardous substances usage in electrotechnical and radio frequency devices. The TR underwent discussion in June this year.
  2. On energy efficiency of energy consuming equipment running on electricity. The TR underwent discussion in June this year.
  3. On feed and feed additives.
  4. On bottled drinking water. The TR is being discussed in public.
  5. On poultry meat and different products made of it.
  6. On goods used in emergencies of industrial and natural nature.
  7. On goods used for ensuring civil protection.
  8. On devices for fire-fighting and fire-safety ensuring.

The lists do not have technical regulation for buildings, constructions and building materials. The date of its introduction to EEC is not known yet and will be specified when its development is over.

In 2015 it is planned to develop 5 technical regulations:



  1. On oil prepared for transportation and usage.
  2. On flammable natural gas prepared for transportation and usage.
  3. On main pipelines intended for supply gaseous and liquid hydrocarbons.
  4. On materials that contact with food during usage.
  5. On coal and coal processing products.



It is also planned to make amendments into a number of technical regulations: 009/2011, 010/2011, 004/2011, 005/2011, 018/2011, 015/2011, 024/2011, 021/2011, 017/2011, 008/2011, 020/2011, 007/2011.