In the beginning of September with support of EEC Technical regulation department there were held consultations for implementing Kyrgyzstan road map, a document relative to joining by the republic to the CU and CES. Consultations were provided by representatives of Ministry of Economics, Russian Accreditation Body, also in charge of consumer rights protection, “Regional certification body…”  CJSC,   “RN-RDC” LLC.

During the held meetings the parties agreed that representatives of Bishkek Testing Center responsible for compliance check will be sent to accredited testing laboratories and certification centers in the CU in September-October 2014. Trips will be arranged in order to exchange experience during conducting the research for compliance assessments of goods according to the CU technical regulations dedicated to circulation of low-voltage equipment (TR 004/2011), different types of gasoline and fuel (TR 013/2011), pieces of furniture (TR 025/2011), perfume and cosmetics (TR 009/2011), toys (TR 008/2011), light industry products (TR 017/2011), food products (TR 021/2011) and other CU technical regulations.  

When speaking to colleagues from Bishkek experts of EEC Technical regulation department paid special attention to the procedure of undertaking compliance check according to the requirements of technical regulation 013/2011 on requirements to gasoline for vehicles and aircraft… related to arrangement of research for certifying purposes.

It is also planned to fulfill one more clause of road map, i.e. to equip Kyrgyz laboratories with equipment required for compliance check. The held consultations and outcome of business meeting are indicators that Management of Kyrgyz Republic is open for cooperation regarding joining the CU and CES and pain-free transition to regulatory documents of the mentioned associations.