As of January a State Standard for fitness services will be implemented in Russia. The standard will be used on a voluntary basis to assess the quality of this activity in our country. At the moment there is no such standard provided for fitness services, therefore quality assessment is not being carried out.

The project was developed by “VNIIS” (Russian Research Institute for Certification JSC) together with the large Russian companies “Boxing Academy”, “Masters of fitness”, “SV Fitness” and “Lanta Center”. In addition to the classification of fitness services, the document will contain requirements for carrying out this activity, rules for managing fitness centres and requirements for the employees of these organizations. The facilities occupied by fitness clubs will also be subject to assessment of conformity to fire and health standards specified in the standard.

More on the certification of fitness services

The fitness industry is currently actively developing and over the past years a large number of sports clubs has opened in the country. However, as opposed to many other countries, the percentage of fitness centres in Russia is relatively low. The introduction of such a standard should develop this area to a greater extent and increase competition among entrepreneurs in this field.

Certification of fitness services will be carried out according to the standard scheme. Companies will have to apply to the certified quality assessment centres and then collect the documentation certifying that the appropriate certified equipment has been installed, the facilities have been tested and the staff is qualified. After the submission of documents, the safety in the fitness center will be assessed. Finally, a voluntary certificate for fitness services will be issued.