GOST R is a state standard in Russia. So regulatory documents of national importance adopted in the Russian Federation after proclaiming independence are called. Standards scope of influence covers only Russia.

GOST R standards structure is similar to the structure of transnational GOST standards. Similarly they describe requirements to composition, purpose and safety of different kinds of products, equipment and services.

Apart from these documents, GOST R ISO and GOST R IEC are in usage in the RF. They were developed on the basis of transnational regulations and are advisory in nature.

National GOST R standards are the only state standards in the RF that are used to carry out mandatory conformity check. Certification is controlled by state bodies – Rosstandart  (technical regulation and metrology service) and Rosaccreditatsiya (Accreditation service). State supervision is one of the hallmarks of GOST R system of standards as compared to other voluntary systems of standards. Besides, GOST R is the largest system of standards in the RF. Over 1000 certification agencies and over 3000 testing laboratories work in the system.

Certification in GOST R system means checking the goods for compliance with Russian GOSTs. For this purpose authorized experts carry out documentary due diligence and product testing.

GOST R certification can be mandatory or voluntary. This matter is settled in Government Resolution No 982 adopted in 2009. The goods listed in the GR are subjected to mandatory certification; others are subjected to voluntary one. In both cases the procedure is initiated by economic agent.