Rostechnadzor is a Federal Service engaged in environmental, industrial and nuclear supervision over products manufactured in the RF.

Rostechnadzor exercise control in several spheres:

  1. Production safety and restriction of negative technological influence.
  2. Mining works safety.
  3. Safety of electrical equipment usage.
  4. Safety of hydraulic and thermal equipment usage.
  5. Safety manufacturing and circulation of explosive agents.
  6. Environmental protection.

In the course of its operation, Rostechnadzor cooperates with its local branches. The Service is entitled to perform environmental control on a state level i.e.:

  1. Fulfilling measures of control in the field of nuclear energy usage.
  2. Fulfilling fire-safety measures on facilities that use nuclear energy.
  3. Control over energy resources.
  4. Fulfilling fire-safety measures during hazardous works.
  5. Control over companies for having state registration certificates and certificates of conformity.
  6. Control over certification of personnel working in electrical energy sphere and for supervisory control and data acquisition.
  7. Prevention of terroristic acts, control over biological and chemical safety in the RF.
  8. License issuance.

Rostechnadzor can issue licenses for the following types of activities:

  • carrying out works in the sphere of nuclear energy industrial application;
  • usage of special technical facilities in a hazardous manufacture;
  • usage of hydraulic facilities;
  • import and export of toxic substances;
  • usage of explosive agents in manufacturing etc.