We notify Latvian exporters of eco goods into the RF that the country plans to introduce certificates for these products. The main purpose of the documents is to confirm presence/absence of GMO in products.  The innovation is regulated by a bill, prepared by State Duma Committee in charge of agricultural matters. “On production of organic products” draft lists regulations for product output and inspection of eco goods conforming to European standards. The latter provides Latvian exporters who have undergone the same inspection in Latvia with opportunity not to obtain Russian certificate for organic food product.

About new standards in more detail:

  • GMO is banned from usage in production of eco products;
  • only healthy plants and animals can be used in production of food product;
  • antibiotics, agrichemicals, pesticides, hormones are banned from usage in production.

It is planned that certificates for organic products will be issued by accredited certifying centers responsible to federal agencies. All production stages will be inspected namely soil treatment, seed preparation, storage, cultivation, processing, transportation of products. Upon inspection a special mark testifying safety and eco-friendliness will be put onto eco products package.