Technical regulation “On safety of dairy products” was approved in May of the current year. During the approval process, it became clear that some provisions are in need of change. The respective proposition was made by Russian Ministry of Agriculture: its experts thought it necessary to change marking rules for dairy products that contain vegetable fats.

Ministry proposes to introduce a ban on using such words as “dairy”, “creamy”, “cheesy” etc that can mislead the customer.

The experts suppose that introducing such a requirement will allow not only to inform the consumer better but will also cause decrease of vegetable fats in products that are imported into the CU or produced within it.

According to the voiced statistical data, vegetable fats are used in production of more than half of cheeses and ice creams and in one third of all sour-cream volume produced. Lesser amounts of vegetable fats are used in production of cottage cheese products and condensed milk.

If new requirement of Ministry of Agriculture for marking is introduced, it will cover dairy products produced in Russia and abroad.