Last week EEC board has accepted Resolution No 124 that introduces changes to the list of GOST standards that are used in assessing compliance of grain. Initially the document was accepted to ensure fulfilment of terms of technical regulation 015/2011 “On grain safety”. The new version of the List will come into effect on August 17, 2014.

About the new propositions of the List

10 new items are added to clause 31 of the document connected with article 5 of technical regulation 015/2011 and appendices 2-5 to it. GOST standards that are to be introduced will describe techniques of determining the content of

  • mycotoxins;
  • strontium;
  • caesium;
  • aflatoxins;
  • zearalenone;
  • polychlorinated biphenyls;
  • fusarium in grain.

Clause No 45 of the List will be enlarged by Kazakh standard describing techniques for animal feed thin-layer chromatography. In addition, the republic proposed 5 standards for chromatographic methods; these will enlarge clause No 66 of the List.

Belorussia proposed to enlarge the List with its national standard dedicated to high-resolution gamma-ray spectrometry technique for checking quality of water. This standard will be added to clause No 46.

Some clauses will be excluded from the List completely. E. g. clause 47.1 will be substituted by two clauses that will incorporate Kazakh standards for technique of liquid chromatography for foodstuff and procedure for detecting genetically-modified objects and their derivatives.

Clauses 57, 60.1, 61, 70.1 will be excluded from the List completely without substitution due to updating other clauses.