State Registration certificate is issued on the basis of product sanitary safety check and its registration in Customs Union unified list. State Registration certificate is mandatory for the goods listed in Customs Union Commission Decision No299 of May 28, 2010. The main of these goods are:

  1. Water, alcoholic and soft drinks.
  2. Dietary supplements.
  3. Food for pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  4. Health and clinical nutrition food.
  5. Food additives, including enzymatic ones and aromatizes.
  6. Household cleaning products.
  7. Oral care products.
  8. Cosmetics.
  9. GMO.
  10. Disinfection and disinsection products.
  11. Materials and equipment for water supply.
  12. Products for children under 3 years old.
  13. Products intended for contact with food.
  14. Chemical and biological substances that are potentially dangerous for health and environment. Medicine is excluded from this group.

State Registration certificate is issued by Consumer protection watchdog – Rospotrebnadzor and certification agencies that have relevant accreditation. To obtain the document, manufacturer or supplier of the mentioned goods, including imported ones, have to submit a package of certain documents and samples of its products for carrying out tests. Goods are checked in labs accredited by the Customs Union. Upon completion of tests, reports are issued mandatory and handed over to certification agency.

To issue State Registration certificate special protected blank forms are provided. When the document is issued it contains: No and date of the issued document, name of the goods,  company name, country of origin, name of the document, area of product usage, name of the document that was a basis for State Registration certificate issuance, name of laboratory that carried out tests.

State Registration certificate can be obtained for one type of goods only; the document has no expiration date. The document can be withdrawn in case annual check of the products that is mandatory carried out after state registration gives negative result. Quality of goods has to remain top level before state registration as well as after it.

Upon State Registration certificate issuance a special mark confirming successful check of goods safety is put onto its package.