We notify Latvian exporters that have trade offices in the RF that it is planned to introduce changes to Code of Administrative offences of Russia, to the articles dealing with responsibility for non- observing rules of marking. What is meant here is marking goods that were produced using GMO.

Rospotrebnadzor developed draft federal law that makes changes to the Code. The document indicates rate of sanctions that are imposed for non- observing mandatory legislative norms. Its airing will be held till April 23 current year. Upon that, if the bill is approved, it will be signed and become effective.

More on consequences of violation

According to article 14.46 of a new bill, by violation is understood a lack of data about GMO presence in product composition on a product itself, its packing, shipping documents if a product was produced using GMO.

According to the new bill violators can be subjected to different fines

  • 20-50 K RUR will be paid by sole proprietors;
  • 100-150K RUR will be paid by legal entities.

In some cases, the new bill stipulates for confiscating items connected to specific administrative violation.

You can learn more about requirements that are set down for marking different types of goods including those produced using GMO in the CU technical regulation 022/2011 dedicated to this matter.