On 20.04.2015, the official draft of the newly improved lists of standards required for the application of the Technical Regulation of the CU providing for the safety of oil and fat products was published on the website of the EEC. The open discussion of amendments to the lists in the CU TR on oil and fat products will last until 21.05.2015. The discussion will then continue at a higher national level.

On the nature of amendments

The amendments to the CU TR on oil and fat products have been developed by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation. At the request of this organization, 21 old sections must be excluded and 26 sections must be added to the list of standards for the aforementioned CU TR.

Furthermore, upon the demand of the Ministry, the list should include 33 sections for voluntary use and a list of standards with a full description of the expert evaluation methods consisting of 137 chapters.

The CU TR 024/2011, used in the CU since 01.07.2013, applies to edible oil and fat products, glycerin and soap. Declaration is the main form of quality assessment according to this document. The obtained permit can be used within the CU by entrepreneurs for their own businesses.