On 2nd April 2015 Dmitry Medvedev signed the Decree №309 which amends the current GOSTR system list of goods that require mandatory certification on the territory of the Russian Federation (this list is provided by the Government Decree of the Russian Federation №982 of 1st December 2009). These amendments introduced mandatory certification for gates used in certain sports.

More specifically, the following two sections were introduced by the Decree №309:

  • №9614 – includes equipment for winter sports;
  • №9615 – includes equipment for sports games.

More on the Government Decree №309

According to the new standards, football, handball, hockey and mini football gates will be subject to mandatory certification. Certification of these types of sports equipment will become mandatory as of 1st January 2016.

It is important to point out that this type of sports equipment will be subject to quality assessment specifically by way of certification (and not declaration), therefore, sports gates will require a certificate of conformity. This document can be issued after submitting all the required documents as well as samples for laboratory tests to an accredited certification centre. The validity period of such a certificate for sports equipment will depend on the verification scheme but will not exceed three years.