A momentous event for the entire Eurasian Economic Union has recently taken place as Kirghizia has decided to become its newest member. Previously the Eurasian Economic Union had consisted of four member nations: Belarus, Armenia, Russia, and Kazakhstan. On April 12, the Kirgiz Republic officially became the union’s fifth member.

At triumphant opening of the customs border took place between Kirghizia and its neighbor Kazakhstan at the end of the summer. The official ceremony was held at the crossing point “AKZ-ol”, which was visited by several prominent figures on this day: Tatyana Valovaya, temporarily fulfilling her obligation as the representative of the Eurasian Board; Temir Sariev, the prime minister of Kirghizia; and the first deputy prime minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintaev. The countries’ leaders were not able to attend the event and were only able to observe everything that went on live on television. The guests that arrived separately emphasized the significance of making Kirghizia the newest member of the Customs Union, discussed their responsibility in maintaining the new boarders of the Eurasian Economic Union accordingly, and expressed their willingness to take all necessary actions for the most timely solutions possible for any issues that may arise following the nation’s decision to join the union.