The list of Customs Union technical regulations was enlarged by two new guiding documents. Technical regulation 025/2012 will regulate circulation of furniture products and technical regulation 028/2012 – that of explosive agents.

Application scope of the requirements for TR “On safety of furniture products” includes cabinet and upholstered furniture for public and everyday use. They are articles for laboratory, trade and educational rooms, service and financial enterprises, theatres, railway stations, dormitories, vessels etc.

Compliance check will be carried in form of certification and declaration according to the procedure indicated in TR 025/2012. Enterprises that produce kids’ furniture and articles for educational establishments will have to undergo certification. Declarations are mandatory for manufacturers of furniture for laboratories, hotels, administrative and cultural establishments and other type of furniture.

Requirements of TR “On safety of explosive agents and articles on their basis” are mandatory for producers of explosive agents used in manufacturing process and articles on their basis; output of materials for explosive agent production; output of matrix and oxidizing emulsions made using  ammonium nitrate and intended for manufacturing water-gel or emulsion explosives.

Regulation 028/2012 stipulates for mandatory certification of the following products under control: gunpowder, ready-made explosives, ignitions, detonating and fuse cords etc.

For the purpose of gradual and pain free phasing in of both technical regulations a transitional period is stipulated. So till March 03, 2016 and February 15, 2016 documents obtained prior to approval of CU TR 025/2012 and 028/2012 respectively are allowed to be used.