Expert opinion it is a document proving the sanitary safety of goods. It began issuing since 2010 instead of the so-called hygiene certificates – sanitary and epidemiological conclusion.

The products, which you want to issue the opinion, are listing according to the Decision of the Customs Union Commission on 28.05.10, № 299. There are two lists attached by the Decision: one of them is list of the objects of technical regulation for which issued an opinion, and in the second are those that can be produced in an appeal with a certificate of state registration. Thus the manufacturers issued the opinion voluntarily and the certificate – mandatory.

Voluntary registration of expert opinions is an opportunity to increase sales of products on the market of the Russian Federation and the Customs Union. Exporting products from Latvia, in most cases decide on a sanitary examination – it increases the credibility of product from the inspection bodies and consumers.

How to obtain an expert opinion

Issue the opinion on sanitary security can departments of Rospotrebnadzor and certification bodies who have received the proper accreditation.

Sanitary examination provides the inspection of documents, product research in the laboratory, inspection supervision over the sanitary conditions of production (in cases where it is required by the law).

Documents should be submitted to experts for examining the activities of the enterprise, identify the products, take it to the objects of technical regulation, which can be issued without the obligatory state registration conclusion. If it is found that the products are subject to state registration, this procedure is performed first, and thereafter at the request of the manufacturer issued a conclusion.

List of documents required for the sanitary inspection

The manufacturer or supplier of goods subject to examination must provide these documents to the branch of Rospotrebnadzor or certification centre:

  • registration and founding documents;
  • hygienic certificates that was issued earlier;
  • information about the manufacturer and the invoice under which were the shipping – served if it is the supplier and not the manufacturer, who pass the examination;
  • documents confirming satisfactory sanitary condition of industrial premises;
  • technical documentation, which has a description of the product itself and the process of its manufacture;
  • other documents confirming the sanitary safety, if they are available from the manufacturer or supplier.

To order an expert opinion there is no need to go to Russia, to the Rospotrebnadzor. If you are exporting to Russia or the Customs Union contact “Rostest Latvia”:

  • we provide consulting services;
  • issue the sanitary inspection, certificate of state registration;
  • issue certificates/declaration of conformity;
  • help issue other authorization documents for export shipments.

Application to pass the sanitary expertise you can apply to one of our Latvian or Russian offices, by email or online on our website.