FSB notification is the so-called official notification of the exporter that the technical devices or equipment that it supplies, equipped with cryptographic means.

Exporters, which are cooperating with Russia and other countries of the Customs Union, are required to issue a document, because of the requirements set out in the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union № 434 of 20.09.2010 year. According to the decision, notification is issued for these types of equipment: 

  1. Devices for encryption, which are laid with symmetric encryption algorithm that uses no more than 56 key bits or working through such methods:
    1. expansion of integers (not greater than 512 bits) into factors;
    2. computation of discrete logarithms (the multiplicative group of a finite field is limited to 512 bits);
    3. application of another discrete logarithm, but no more 112 bits.
  1. Devices equipped with encryption tools with such features:
    1. electronic digital signature;
    2. authentication that occurs with all access control settings. This does not include encryption, related to the protection of passwords, personal numbers and other similar data.
  1. Devices that are part of the OS software, designed so that they can be installed by regular user (in this case he/she cannot change the encryption function of these devices).
  2. Equipment intended to serve commercial radio and television, or equipment, which broadcast without encryption of the digital signal.
  3. Personal smart cards.
  4. Devices, which encryption capabilities are not available to regular users.
  5. Devices designed to protect the banking and financial transactions.
  6. Radio-electronic mobile devices without civilian functions of the through encryption.
  7. Radio-electronic equipment, which operates by using wireless technology, encrypts the radio channel with a range of less than 400 meters (gain and relay are not used).
  8. Equipment, which cryptographic function is initially locked by the manufacturer.
  9. Devices for encryption, which are used to protect networks, telecommunications systems. 

The order of registration of FSB notification 

Precondition is that notification must be certified in the FSB of Russian Federation. “Rostest Latvia” can be your representative in the federal service to save your time and help with paperwork. 

In order to receive notification, you must submit the following documents: 

  1. Registration, confirming that the producer operates in Latvia legally.
  2. Technical, which describe the identifying characteristics of devices and where is the evidence of their appointment.
  3. Informational, where are given the basic details of the company; listed used in the device or hardware cryptographic algorithms; described the specific functionality of devices, which are not stated in the technical documentation. 

Certification centre “Rostest Latvia” is permitted to issue notifications. We guarantee optimal terms for issuing permits to allow time to implement export shipments, unhindered pass customs inspections. For registration the FSB notification, you should apply to the office of “Rostest Latvia”, using the special online form on our website or by email. Preliminary consultation on all matters related to export to Russia, you can get by the telephone.