Russia is planning to introduce certificates for eco goods

We notify Latvian exporters of eco goods into the RF that the country plans to introduce certificates for these products. The main purpose of the documents is to confirm presence/absence of GMO in products.  The innovation is regulated by a bill, prepared by State Duma Committee in charge of agricultural matters. “On production of organic […]

Three new technical regulations proposed in the Customs Union

Latvian manufacturers and suppliers working with the Customs Union should know that the list of technical regulations could be enlarged with three new standards: “On restriction of hazardous substance usage in electro technical and radio electronic devices” developed by Belorussian State Committee for Standardization. “On safety of playground equipment” – the EEC was a responsible […]

Armenia and the Customs Union – what are the prospects?

Armenia officially declared its intention to become another member of the CU in September 2013. Two months later a memorandum about deeper cooperation between Armenia and EEC was issued. As of today it is known that about third of all the procedures that were worked out to allow Armenia to join the CU (“road map”) […]

Israel and Customs Union are planning to create a free trade zone

On March 18, EEC and Israel ministers dealing with trade and economic matters announced that a special research group composed of representatives of EEC and different agencies and ministries of the two states started its work in Jerusalem. Its work will be aimed at estimating economic benefit from concluding an agreement about conducting free trade […]

Three main Latvian branches may suffer after the imposition of sanctions against Russia

According to the estimates of the employees of the ministry of economics of Latvia, this country will have the most difficulties from an economic point of view, after the imposition of sanctions on Russia. This was recently stated by the minister of economics of Latvia, Vyacheslav Dombrovsky. The sanctions that the European Union plans to […]

The volumes of retail trade in EU are growing.

The information about the increase in retail sales in January was published in Eurostat, the statistical office of the EU. The experts had previously announced an increase of 0.8%, but calculations showed that during previous month the retail sales were two times less (in January sales volumes grew by 1.6 %). If we consider the […]

Kazakhstan devalued tenge – what should Latvian partners expect?

Recently it became known that Kazakhstan government decided to devalue the tenge. This country is a participant of the Customs Union, so Latvian companies cooperate with it closely. The situation with the Kazakh tenge has been commented by the heads of several important for Latvian economy enterprises. So it turned out that it is not […]

Greece might be allowed to resume dairy, fish and meat export to Russia

Greece might be allowed to export dairy products to Russia. The deliveries from 7 enterprises producing dairy products are prohibited because of violations, which were found in regulations of the Customs Union. Greek side has taken the necessary measures to eliminate shortcomings, which was confirmed by the Russian authority of the sanitary and phytosanitary control. […]

Pork and potatoes from EU are still forbidden in Russia and Belarus

We remind you that after the summit in the EU, where the President of the Russian Federation met quite a cold reception in connection with the situation in Ukraine, the import of pig meat and potatoes in the Russian Federation and Belarus was banned. In particular, only Belarus is refused from potatoes, but pork is […]